Important Ironwood Dues Information
Posted on October 6, 2023 9:17 AM by Admin
Categories: General
  1. Late fees will be assessed for late payment! A $25 fee will be assessed each month that your dues are late, so make sure to make your annual payment before the due date!
  2. To help with this transition, the due date is being moved out approximately 45 days, to February 15 of each year (previously they were due December 31st of the preceding year). 
  3. As dues are now not going to be due until early next year (instead of the end of this year), dues notices will also be going out later.  While you are used to receiving dues notices along with holiday cards, we decided to postpone dues notices until after the holidays.  They will be emailed out approximately January 15, of each year.
  4. As voted for at the beginning of this year, dues will be $270 this year.
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