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At the HOA Board meeting on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the Ironwood HOA Board voted unanimously to adopt official neighborhood Rules and Regulations.  You can always find them on the ACC page as well as the CC&R page. 
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  1. Late fees will be assessed for late payment! A $25 fee will be assessed each month that your dues are late, so make sure to make your annual payment before the due date!
  2. To help with this transition, the due date is being moved out approximately 45 days, to February 15 of each year (previously they were due December 31st of the preceding year). 
  3. As dues are now not going to be due until early next year (instead of the end of this year), dues notices will also be going out later.  While you are used to receiving dues notices along with holiday cards, we decided to postpone dues notices until after the holidays.  They will be emailed out approximately January 15, of each year.
  4. As voted for at the beginning of this year, dues will be $270 this year.
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46 Homeowners voted in favor of increasing the Ironwood HOA dues to $270 next year, and 21 Homeowners opposed the increase.  The proposal passes, and dues will increase to $270 next year.
41 of the votes in favor were cast through the webpage voting system.  An additional five yes votes were provided directly to Board members.  If you would like to view a breakdown of the votes, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with that information.  A screenshot of the online webpage voting results is below:
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The ACC has filed two complaints with the county and another homeowner also filed a complaint with the county. 
The county did another onsite inspection last week (its the third one). The inspector said this bump is absurd.  As he said, they fixed the ADA ramp but caused a bigger problem with the bump than the ADA ramp was.  There is a huge change in grade between to sections of the sidewalk, several sections of the sidewalk tat are out of compliance because there is a larger height difference where that match than is allowed.  Plus, the grade change in the road is out of compliance on our big bump.  He is not in charge of this but works for the guy who is, and he asked him to have another look at it and see what they could do.  
He also said there is another situation similar to this over on Bethany near the QFC that had a big grade change at an ADA ramp and somehow, they fixed that, so it is not such a huge danger to people and cars.  He suggested we go take a look at that and when we talk to the county next to bring that up and ask why they can’t do something like that.
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As of 11am today our Ironwood website has been moved from development to live!
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2023 HOA Dues
The 2023 HOA Dues have been set to $210 at the HOA Board Meeting 11/10/22. The payment will be due on January 1, 2023. Please go to "HOA Dues" on the Ironwood website for information on how to pay the 2023 dues. You can pay online via credit card or via check sent to the treasurer.
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Washington County decided to remove the Fire Gate at Ridge Road. We expect this will reduce the traffic through Ironwood significantly.